Subsidence in Clonmel

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This project was completed directly for one of the largest insurance companies in Ireland which we have had a great relationship with for over ten years. A private dwelling house, supported on a raft foundation, had broken in two due to an escape of water from the surface water system.

Substruck initially completed investigation works as outlined by the loss adjuster and supervising engineer to determine cause and cover. The specification outlined by the supervising engineer required a series of micropiles installed through the raft externally and internally.

The raft itself was up to 750mm thick which easily allowed load transfer from the micropile via the geotechnical bond. We were lucky that the raft was constructed with quite a large projection to allow for most of the works to be completed externally. Unfortunately, as there was not enough reinforcement in the raft, some internal micropiles were required.

As part of the works, all defective drainage had to be replaced and all affected hard surfaces made good on completion. The final drain test, witnessed by the engineer, was the penultimate step in the project before we provided our as built and test records for inclusion in the certification and safety file.

The insured was so happy with our service from start to finish that she wrote a very nice email to the loss adjuster.