Rubber seals in Mid Cork

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Leaking drains in UPVC pipework is normally attributed to poor workmanship and poor supervision. One of the most common defects associated with such leakage is related to the rubber sealing rings or the absence of.

There is always anecdotal evidence of construction workers removing the seals prior to installation as this accelerates progress on site. Such seals have to be carefully cleaned and lubricated before installation and tested to ensure that they are in fact watertight. During subsidence remediation works at this property in County Cork, we observed numerous seals deposited in the excavations during the original drainage works.

Under normal working conditions such defects may not contribute to significant leakage but however, in the event of a blockage, can readily allow exfiltration for long periods before becoming noticed by the homeowner. The ability to withstand such pressures is one of the primary reasons why drains are tested in the first place.

Wavin pipework was considered the ‘crème de la crème’ of UPVC drainage for many years. The fittings were provided with fixed sealing rings which could not be easily removed or dislodged during installation and the triple seal provided great tolerates to deviation in trenches. However, with the onset of the last recession, these premium fittings have been phased out in order to compete with other brands. The existing brand, known as the economy fitting, the name of which speaks for itself, is no where near the standards of the premium fittings. Extra care is required for such fittings.

Whatever type of fitting we use at Substruck, every piece of drainage is carefully installed and tested during and after installation. Our final tests are always a formality for the many professionals we work with every day.