How much does it cost to underpin a house???

Macroom, Co. Cork – 2020

Sometimes we are asked about the cost of underpinning a house, but we are provided with very little other information. In some instances, when we survey the property, the damage is in fact not subsidence related.

The cost for underpinning a house will be dependant on many factors such as the type of construction, ground conditions, extent of damage, etc. There are so many variables that need consideration it is not always possible to even provide a ‘ballpark’.

In order to provide a firm quotation, we would need some if not all of the following information: structural survey, drain test report, specification and / or ground investigation report.

In most cases, subsidence works will be covered by home insurance, assuming that the sum insured is adequate. However, a policy excess will normally apply which may be in the region of €500-€1000.

Of course, you won’t get any joy for the stress you may suffer due to the long time it may take to settle a claim. This type claim can be very complex and requires different professionals of various disciplines to represent both the insured and the insurance company.

If you do suspect subsidence, the first thing you should do is contact Substruck and we will take it from there. Being there from the start allows us to build up a rapport with our clients and we are never more than a phone call away to provide the necessary advice and support.