Subsidence Investigation in Carlow

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This project was completed on behalf of a major insurance Company. The brief was to complete a series of investigative works as prescribed by a Consulting Engineering Firm to confirm if and why the cracking was related to foundation movement or subsidence. Substruck Ltd. complete this type of investigation work all over Ireland on a regular basis. We are one of the very few firms in Ireland who can genuinely offer a full set of in-house specialist investigative techniques.  

The scope of works were as follows:
Hydrostatic Drain Test & CCTV Survey,
Plumbing, Heating and Water Supply Test,
Trial Holes and
Ground Investigation – Dynamic Probing and Window Sampling.  

The drains were primarily constructed of the original vitreous clay drainage which had surpassed its design life. Direct observation showed fracturing in access junctions and eroded benching around gullies. Hydrostatic drain testing showed major leakage in many parts of the system up to 1500 times the acceptable rate of leakage as prescribed by Technical Guidance Document H of the current Building Regulations!!!! The CCTV survey showed an array of structural and service defects of varying condition grades.  

Trials holes were opened at two nr locations which showed a well constructed traditional strip foundation. The soil below formation level was found to be a silty SAND with a low gravel content. At one location, a crowbar could be pushed down to a depth of 1.5m!!!!  

A full report was provided to the Consulting Engineer on completion.