Slope Stabilisation in Crosshaven

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This project was completed on a private dwelling in Crosshaven, Co. Cork. Substruck Ltd. acted as Main Contractor and PSCS where Malachy Walsh & Partners, designers and certifiers, acted as PSDP for the Client. Substruck Ltd. was employed to stabilise the slope via soil nails and shotcreting (or sprayed concrete). 

The cut-back slope to the rear of the site had become unstable for different reasons. Access was provided from both sides yet was still extremely limited with a steep meandering entrance to the front (which a standard truck could not negotiate) and a series of steep steps and pathways from the rear. 

Over 30 tonnes of spoil had to be scaled / cleaned from the slope and disposed of off site. Our restricted access plant such as a one tonne mini digger, mucktruck and 7.5 tonne lorry mounted crane made life somewhat easy as removal from the site required several different steps. 

8 nr DYWI® R38-500 hollow bar soil nails were installed with a two metre rock socket.

The mast or drilling rig was supported on the scaffold and moved manually to each location. This process was relatively slow 

Two layers of 6mm weldmesh was then fixed to the slope before a 200mm layer of shotcrete or 30m3 was applied.

Considering the access limitations to this site, our team worked vigilantly as always and completed the work with no incident whatsoever.

Design Team

  • Substruck Ltd.
  • Malachy Walsh & Partners