Slope Stabilisation in Co. Cork

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After partial slip of an unstable slope onto a busy road in Co. Cork, Substruck Ltd. were employed to design and construct a suitable solution.  The slope was deemed dangerous by the local authority under the terms of the Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act, 1964.

We employed geotechnical consulting engineer, Ciaran Reilly, for design and onsite support during the works. The solution was a grid of soil nails in conjunction with rockfall netting.

The slope had to be carefully cleaned and shaped before soil nailing could commence. 72 nr Ischebeck Titan 30/11 soil nails were neatly installed to 6 metres with PVC Woven Mesh Rock Netting fixed in place by galvanised plates and lock nuts. Testing were completed by Independent Testing Services on one nr sacrificial nail and three nr working nails.

Surface water concerns were addressed by installing a land drain at the top of the embankment and diverting all water to a local stream. A standard timber post and rail fence was erected on completion.

We also acted as PSCS and PSDP for the project. In Substruck, safety and health is taken very seriously and we demonstrate this by our Grade A status in Safe T Cert for over four years.