Restricted access micropiles in Cork City

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Substruck Ltd. was engaged by a large Main Contractor to design, construct and certify a number of micropiles to support new reinforced concrete ground beams as part of a large extension project for the HSE.

Two number new steel columns were required as close as possible to existing structures to support the roof of the new extension. The existing foundations could not carry the extra loadings due to eccentricity of the foundations and insufficient resistance of the underlying subsoils.

Therefore, Substruck Ltd. offered a proposal in principle to the design team with associated costings which was accepted and subsequently developed until all members of the design team were satisfied.

Five number hollow bar micropiles were required to support a new straddle and cantilever beam with loads in compression to 200kN and tension to 150kN. A two metre rock socket was required to satisfy the design for the compression piles. As the piles were installed so close to the existing walls, testing on working micropiles was not possible. Therefore, the Main Contractor design team required a static load test to be completed on one number test micropile to prove the design.

Access was no problem with our inhouse designed and built drilling mast which was able to safely reach into the works area eliminating the requirement of any temporary works for the Main Contractor.