Pressure Grouting in Model Farm Rd

Waste water pipe poorly connected
Ground Improvement Injection Point
Eroded rising walls
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This contract was awarded to Substruck Ltd. by Cork City Council at a property near Model Farm Rd., Cork City. Substruck Ltd. were required to investigate, design, construct and certify a scope of works to address foundation movement related cracking. Investigation works comprised of hydrostatic drain testing, CCTV drain surveying, trial holes, dynamic probing and windowless soil sampling.  

In the area of most distress, a waste water pipe from the kitchen was founded to be poorly connected to a gully hopper resulting in the majority of waste water escaping to the foundations and underlying subsoils. On opening up, part of the wall had become eroded, exposing the aggregate of the blockwork through the hydraulic action of the water.  

The foundation works specification required ground improvement beneath foundations around the perimeter of the building and a micropile supported straddle ground beam in the area of most distress. The piles were designed and constructed to carry a Service Limit State of 100kN in compression. One nr micropile tested by an independent specialist contractor was found to perform adequately under SLS*1 and SLS*1.5 where a settlement 1.5mm and 2.8mm was recorded respectively.  

Part of the project also included drainage replacement in the vicinity of the building. All drains were tested as per the requirements of Building Regulations Technical Guidance Documents H Drainage and Wastewater Disposal 2016.