Ground Anchors in Mallow

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This project was perhaps our most exciting challenge in 2019 where an old random rubble retaining wall needed a bit of a pull. Over the years, part of the wall began to lean out onto the graveyard, with the wall out of plumb by about 200mm at the worst location!!!!!

The remit from the Client was quite clear; the wall was to be made safe to members of the public and any further movement stopped on a permanent basis. Substruck Ltd. provided a design and build proposal which was accepted by competitive tender.

The proposal was to install ground anchors through the wall, about 50m in length, which would support the structure via pattress plates. Of course, we went that step further and proposed to pull the wall back to its original position!!!!!!!!!!

A series of  Ischebeck 30/11 ground anchors were installed through pre-formed cores along the wall at an angle of about 45°. The location of a raised bedding area behind the wall determined our angle. The area of most distress, about 20m in length, was brought back to place, with respect to the remaining wall, through a series of carefully planned and executed jacking via hydraulic jacks. On completion, pattress plates were placed at the head of the anchor and locked into place.