Drainage Investigation in Cork City

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Substruck Ltd. completes drainage investigation from many different aspects all over Ireland on a regular basis. The scope of this project was simply to complete a full investigation on the drainage and provide a report on the findings.  

In any drainage investigation survey, direct observation is the initial step. This involves opening up of access points and examining any exposed areas of the drainage such as gullies, soil vent pipes, etc. In this instance, it was noted that the drainage is of the original vitreous clay which has surpassed its design life. Sometimes, this may not necessarily imply that the drainage has to be replaced immediately.  

It was noted that the soil vent pipe had a circumferential fracture at about 300mm above ground level. This had been repaired by the homeowner at some time in the past. On closer inspection, it was observed that the pipe was constructed of asbestos. Generally, asbestos is safe if it is not tampered with through breaking or cutting. However, it would be recommended that the pipe be removed and disposed of by a competent specialist at some point in the short term due to the fracture.  

The gullies were also examined and one gully could not maintain a water seal due to fracturing. This would not only allow foul gases to exit the drainage system but would also allow water escape from the drains in and around the foundations and underlying subsoils.  

All sections of drainage were CCTV surveyed and tested. No section passed a test to current standards – loss from a two meter section from a WC was recorded at 45 litres over ten minutes. On completion, a report was issued to the homeowner.