Drain Repairs in Blackrock

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Pre-purchase house surveys regularly recommend that the drains and water supply are tested prior to signing of contracts. Although the most of our drainage investigative work is subsidence related, we complete many routine surveys on the recommendation of engineers and surveyors.

A drain test and CCTV survey will provide comfort to the purchaser that they will not be left with the unforeseen costs of drainage related problems after the sale. Or, at the very least, they can be made aware of the risks and associated costs,

At this property in Blackrock, a drain test and CCTV survey identified a ‘major leak’ at the base of a soil vent pipe.  The 90° bend had become detached from the soil vent pipe, perhaps due to insufficient support beneath the bend. All other parts of the drainage system were deemed serviceable.

The footpath was also dropping in the area. This was as a result of poor compaction methods during laying of the backfill material. Standard Recommendation 2014 + A1:2016 provides guidance on the use of hardcore under concrete slabs and footpaths. However, of course, the simple principle of compacting in layers is and always has been one of the primary controls in reducing the risk of settlement.

Substruck Ltd. was employed to repair the leak by traditional dig down and replace methods and replace the footpath locally. The drain and surveyed was tested on completion.